FHHS Graduate Has a Bright Future in Engineering

Posted on 07/24/2019
Bryce Thornton, Class of 2019

This summer has been an exciting time for 2019 FHSD graduates as they celebrate their impressive achievements and anticipate a new chapter in their lives. For FHHS graduate Bryce Thornton, exciting opportunities are already coming his way.

In late middle school, Thornton discovered a strong interest in software development. His appreciation for the subject began with some online coding classes and grew in high school as he learned more about computer science at FHHS.

Beginning in January of his senior year, Thornton had the opportunity to take his growing knowledge and skills and apply them in a real-life professional setting. Through the St. Charles County CAPS Program, he was offered an internship at Stauder Technologies, an engineering and technology company that develops communication software for the military.

While interning for Stauder, Thornton developed a webpage that would allow the company to distribute and package their products to customers in a more efficient manner. While the company was only expecting him to complete half of the work before the end of the internship in late April, Thornton worked twice as fast and was able to finish the entire project.

Elated by his contribution, Stauder asked Thornton to continue his work over the summer with a paid internship. Since June, he has been working on one of their products called GustoAir, which is an avionics version of the communications software.

Thornton reflected on his progress through the CAPS program and beyond. “I learned a lot. I started the internship with a very basic knowledge of a few programming languages, and after just three months, I’d say I was able to program most things with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.”

Not only did the CAPS program prepare him for a future in software development, but it also provided him with the soft skills necessary for the professional world. “We learned internship skills and performed mock interviews to prepare for the actual interview itself. The program taught me various skills you need in the business place to be able to communicate and actually be able to get a job.”

With a bright future ahead, Thornton will continue his exciting career at St. Charles Community College this fall and hopes to one day become a software engineer. With his drive and passion for software development, the sky is the limit!

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