Student Spotlight – FHHS’s Bofua Kume Represents Students at the September Board Meeting

Posted on 09/19/2019
Bofua Kume with the Board of Education

The Board of Education was honored to welcome FHHS senior Bofua Kume as the student representative at the September Board Meeting. For those who don’t know Kume, he is known for his leadership, curiosity, and gregarious personality.

It is evident that Kume lives a life of purpose each day. As a student, he is hardworking and is currently taking a variety of challenging classes, including Advanced Placement Art History and French, as well as business marketing and statistics. Outside of the classroom, he is involved in several clubs including DECA, diversity awareness, and FHHS principal’s advisory. He also serves on the District-wide high school advisory, which consists of three students from each high school and meets regularly with the superintendent.

While Kume is proactive when it comes to school, he is also passionate and curious about the world around him. Kume moved to Cameroon with his family where he spent eighth, ninth, and tenth grade while his mother pursued a medical degree. This experience provided Bofua with many new perspectives and broadened his understanding of the world and the people in it.

Kume’s openness to others has made him an incredible leader. He served as the freshman and sophomore class president in Cameroon and the diversity awareness club president during his junior year at FHHS. While serving in his leadership role at FHHS, Kume was recognized for his empathy and patience by his peers and classroom teachers.

The FHHS senior attributes his inspiring interaction with others to a ninth grade history teacher in Cameroon who told him, “to live a great life you can’t just see with your eyes, listen with your ears, and feel with your hands. You must also see with your heart, listen with your heart, and feel with your heart.”

Kume lives by these words each day as he puts his heart into his work and those around him. “Bo certainly has demonstrated great leadership in his short time at FHHS,” said FHHS Principal Dave Wedlock. “As a principal, I am proud to share his high school experiences.”

After graduation Kume plans on attending Howard University where he will double major in marketing and business administration, with a minor in French. When the time comes, there is no doubt that he will embrace the experience with curiosity and a lot of heart!

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